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Gadot is the leader of the Amazons. It is recorded that she had three daughters, namedgae, Ethmia and Thalgo. The story goes that Gadot went to the city of Sparta where her three daughters married men. One of them was a warrior by the name of Asterus. This is where Gadot learned of the tragic death of her first daughter, while serving in battle. She then vowed never to kill a woman, until
she had a son who could protect women.

When Gadot was nine years old, her daughter Tiana became captured by pirates and was sold as a slave to a Goldsmith. She was given the surname, ‘Tiana’, which is translated as “of the white water”. It was here that her true destiny would unfold. For years, Tiana served the Goldsmith but soon she ran away from home. In search of her daughter, she joined the army of Achilles in Argos.

There, she fell in love with Hipponax, the son of Atreus. Although Hipponax saved her life, Gadot was not so easily won over. Finally, she decided to return to Greece, at the head of which she fell in love with the daughter of Hippion. This is when she came to know about the prophecy delivered by her lover, who told her of the future of her future. It was then that Gadot gave birth to her third daughter, Iris. Iris was the name of one of the Gods of the Greek world.

As the story goes, Iris was the daughter of Zeus and Themis. Her mother told her not to take her to be a god’s child, for it would mean she would be excluded from the divine privileges of a Greek goddess. But Gadot did just that, in order to honor her dead mother’s wish. Soon after Iris was born, her mother died. Gadot did not want to abandon her baby. She took Iris to join her husband on Chersispolis, on the far side of the sea. But later, Gadot decided to return to Greece.

On the way, she met up with her lover, Hermes, whom she had never known. They fell in love and married. After their marriage, they decided to wed again. They made a vow to be faithful to each other forever. Gadot was deeply moved because she realized that she had done everything in her power to be wed to another man. However, she realized that it was for the better, and that they could still be happy together as a couple. Thus, in Thebes, Thea became pregnant and welcomed the coming of the newborn.

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