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Are you a woman who is considering having a baby one day but aren’t sure if you should use breast massage before sex? The simple fact of the matter is that you should. Why? Because it has been proven that massaging your breast will make sex more enjoyable, have multiple benefits for a woman’s body, increase sexual desire, make intercourse more enjoyable, allow you to have more orgasms, and more.

So in today’s article I will be talking about the top two benefits of breast massage, and then I will be explaining exactly how you can do it before sex today too! The first benefit of breast massage is that it increases your sensitivity. This means that when you are massaging your breasts, the nerve endings in your nipples and around your breast will become more sensitive, which will help you have more pleasure during sex.

The second benefit is that it builds up your libido. Since massaging your breasts before sex stimulates sensitivity throughout the entire body, your sex drive will quickly increase, which will lead to an increase in orgasms. Additionally, since it helps to increase sensitivity around your breasts, you will find that you will have more feelings on your breasts and nipples during sex, leading to even more intense orgasms. So why wait any longer? Start massaging your breasts right away!

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